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our  consulting services

Proven methodologies and tools
to deliver best practices to your business

Selecting the right patrner

We will help establish your delivery model, shortlisting possible partners and help selecting those that will participate in the RFP process. 

Targeted RFP documents

We will work with your team to create an RSP that will reveal the true capabilities of your selected partners. We place equal emphasis on the partners and ability to implement as well as on going delivery. Our RFPs are built upon a concise SOW which forms the foundation for the delivery of each payroll.

Structured RFP assessment

With independence, we bring uniformity to the assessment process. We removing inconsistencies and introduce standardisation into the RFP evaluation. Our goal is to turn your ideas into a partners complient response. 

Planning for success

Our precontract planning will confirm milestones, establish resource availability, analyse risk and mitigation with a contingency planning.

Contracting for success

We will establish a legal and operational framework which incorporates the RFP scope of work and defines the boundaries of responsibilities for both the partner and the client.

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